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Product Care


Each hair tie cuff has been made with the utmost care. To prolong the life of your Wee Bands, we suggest storing them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and separately to avoid scratching.

To preserve the luster of your rose gold and gold bands, we suggest removing them before bathing and/or swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs, and the ocean. Avoid exposure to household bleach, certain hair products, fragrances, cosmetics, and other abrasive chemicals to maintain the colour and to preserve the lifespan of your products.

Should you find any of these activities unavoidable to do so, we suggest rinsing your Wee Bands under running fresh water immediately afterwards and drying them with a soft cloth to remove any water stains.

To clean, we recommend using a soft polishing cloth or any non-abrasive soft cotton cloth to restore the professional finish.

We recommend to store your Wee Bands in their original pouch or box when not in use to maintain their flawless condition.



All our Wee Bands Silk are handmade with pure 100% Mulberry Silk using non-toxic dyes. Each product has been carefully inspected before being packed.

Due to the high quality materials used, we recommend you to refrain from using bleach or other abrasive chemicals to clean your silk products and to avoid machine-drying as some dryers may damage the fine weaves of the silk. We also recommend you to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use to maintain the vibrant colours of the delicate dyes used. Should they need to be washed, hand or machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle and hang dry under the shade.

To prolong the life of your silk face masks, we recommend hand washing them it in cool water (no higher than 30°C) with a pH neutral liquid detergent and leave to dry naturally. Silk is a delicate fabric and the more you look after it, the more it will look after you. 

Our 22 Momme Silk is durable, so it can be machine washed too.

Should you still wish to Machine Wash, we recommend:
- Placing your silk products in a Delicates Bag should they be Machine Washed
- Using only Silk Approved Detergent
- Putting it on a Delicates Wash of 30°C
- No Tumble Drying
- Leave to Air Dry