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Wee Bands was born out of a desire to turn a functional hair tie into a stylish accessory that can be worn from day to night. Since 2019, our custom-made bangles hold elastic hair bands in place while remaining fashionable, and also helps to ease unsightly indentations on your wrists.


"If there was something I had to bring out of the house with me besides my phone and cash, it would be a hair tie. I struggled with keeping my hair out of the way since I’m always eating and on the go. A hair tie was always needed during meals, gym, at home, work, or even a night out of fun.

I never leave home without a hair tie on my wrist but I could never keep track of where it disappears to at the end of the day. It became such a signature trademark that I realised I had an unsightly looking black rubber band on my wrist in all of my photos, not including the indentation mark on my wrist too. I’m always dressed for the occasion but that unsightly hair tie on my wrist or indentation would always ruin my #ootd and photos.

After noticing that most women around me face the same dilemma, I decided to create a fashion accessory that could go hand-in-hand with all our outfits and be worn day and night, and I hope this would solve all women's hair tie problems with style. And today, I'd like to invite you to try out my Wee Bands and tell your own story!

With love,

- Daphne Wee, Founder of Wee Bands."