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Size Guide

Our Wee Bands are made with high quality materials having high tensile strength, which may make it a bit difficult to bend for some. If you are unsure about which size to order, we recommend using this guide to ensure you have a better fit before placing your order.


Measuring your wrist-size for an accurate bracelet size.
1. Measure your wrist with a strip of paper where you would normally wear the bracelet.
2. Mark the paper with a pen where it completes the circle.
3. Use a ruler to measure the length if you do not have a measuring tape.
(Our founder Daphne is a size 14cm and she wears petite and mini Wee Bands.)
As a rule of thumb, the opening of the bangles will be about half of the bangle's diameter. To make sure the bangle can fit your wrist, you should divide the circumference of your wrist found from Step 3 by π or 3.14. By rounding this number to the next size up, it will determine which bangle size would be a good fit. (For example, Daphne is 14cm, which means her wrist diameter will be 14/3.14 = 4.458cm. The recommended size for her would be mini, but she would also be able to fit a petite bangle on her loosely. We recommend going between 0.5cm-0.9cm above your wrist's height diameter, but don't recommend going beyond 1.0cm above your wrist's height diameter or any cm at or below your wrist's height diameter).
For Reference:
  • Classic = 6.0cm diameter
  • D-Lite = 5.7cm diameter
  • Petite = 5.5cm diameter
  • Mini = 5.0cm diameter
Suggested Wrist Sizes:
  • Classic: 16.0cm-18.0cm (anything above 17.5cm may be a tight fit)*
  • D-Lite: 15.5cm-16.5cm (anything above 16.0cm may be a tight fit)*
  • Petite13.0cm-16cm (anything above 16.5cm may be a tight fit)*
  • Mini: 13.0cm-14.5cm (anything above 14.0cm may be a tight fit)*

*all subject to the individual's wrist shape